Cooking is FUN

admin, September 19, 2014


Cooking is fun! And so is eating!  Well,, I guess that depends on who’s cooking, right?  Anyway, while most of us aren’t professional chefs, there’s a lot of goodies we can easily make that are fun to do.

Cooking can be a good experience to help friends and family bond together. Cooking pancakes or making sandwiches with your kids make good memories.  “Look, I’ll make a pancake shaped like the letter A”.

Even when the dish doesn’t actually turn out right, the process itself is something good to remember.  In fact, a lot of attempts at making food I remember the most are the ones that turn out really crappy.

Like there was a time in college when a bunch of us visited a friend’s house to play cards.  We plowed through all the leftovers they had, plus several bags of chips quite quickly.  With no more food, a friend decided to cook a can of corned beef.  Everyone said “Nah! that’s not going to last.  We’ll all finish it in less than a minute.”.  So he says he’ll make it spicy.   We replied “That’s going to make it even better.”   And hearing this, he stir fries the corned beef with some chopped onions and garlic and a HELL of a lot of chili pepper.

Sure it was good, but a single spoonful needed a who;e can of soda or beer to get the spicy edge off.  We did manage to finish it but it lasted on the table until we left a few hour later.

So here’s to all of you out there.  May you all have fun cooking experiences all your lives.  I’m sure you’ll get a few ideas off this site. :-)


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