Top Ten Cheap and Easy Breakfast In Bed Ideas for Valentine’s Day

admin, February 8, 2015


Try something new this Valentine’s day. Serve your special someone breakfast in bed! It easy, doesn’t cost you anything (You probably have all the ingredients in the house already) and gives you the cutesy bonding moment with your loved one. And everyone can do these things. Guys can cook for their girls, girls can cook for their guys and kids can cook these for their parents. So have a happy Valentine’s day and let’s start cooking.

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1. Passion Toast


The idea is to toast a heart pattern on bread.  You just need to cut out a heart pattern in a slice of bread.  We usually use the slices at the end of the loaf since they hold their shape better when cut.  Place this pattern on top of a bread slice you want toasted and place under your oven’s top broiler.  It’ll also work if you have an overn toaster with a heating element at the top.  Watch until the bread gets toasted to your desired level of toastiness.  You should be able to use the pattern for several pieces of bread, until it gets too burned for further use.

Serve the toast as you would usually serve toasted bread, with eggs and ham or bacon, and jam or butter.

2. Enamored Egg in a Basket


Cut out a heart shape in a slice of bread.  In a hot pan, put a little butter and place the bread in the pan.  Break an egg into the heart shaped cutout of the bread.

Serve it with ketchup, may and of course ham or even better, bacon!

3. Forever French Toast


With a pair of kitchn scissors, cutout heart shapes from slices of bread.  In a bowl mix some eggs, milk and cinnamon powder.  Dip the bread slices in the batter and cook in a medium hot pan with a little butter until golden brown.

Serve with syrup or honey.

4. Fall for you Fried Egg


Fold some aluminum foil into strips and form into heart shaped molds.  In a pan heat some butter and place the mold in the pan.  Crack an egg into the mold and cook to your desired doneness.  Always use tongs to handle the aluminum foil.  It gets hot and you’ll burn your fingers if you touch them with bare hands.

Serve with toast or pancakes.

5. Affection Omelette


Use aluminum foil to create a heart shaped mold.  You’l need to make it bigger than the one we used in #5 above so it’ll hold more eggs.  Place the mold in a hot pan with butter and pour in a mixture of beaten eggs, grated cheese and chopped chives.

Serve with toast, french toast or pancakes.

6. Happiness Ham


Cut out heart shapes in ham slices and fry in a little butter.  How easy is that!  It also works with spam :-)

Serve with ketchup, toasted bread or pancakes.

7. Caring Carrots


Carve heart shaped slices from a carrot and use in a salad.  Some people may find it difficult to make thin slices.  No worries, just poach the thick carrot sliced in water and they’ll be soft enough.  Be careful when using a knife, you might cut yourself specially when trying to carve a hard vegetable like carrots.

Serve in a salad.

8. Romantic Chocolate


With aluminum foil create thin strips and form into heart shaped molds or letters if you like.  Place the molds on top of a plate rubbed with a bit of butter.  This is to prevent the chocolate from sticking to the plate.  Melt some chocolate in a double boiler and pour over the molds.  Place in the freezer until the chocolate sets then remove the molds. You can use any type of chocolate bar, without any nuts or fillings.  We used a bar of milk chocolate.  It was quite soft but we just placed it in the freezer until serving time.

Serve with vanilla ice cream.

9. “Hearty” Steak


Steak for breakfast?  Sure, why not!  This one is a bit tricky.  We wanted to be able to get a big piece of steak in a heart shape but as it turns out, not all cuts are suited for it.  What you can do is just cut out a heart shape in the part of the steak that’s all meat.  Don’t include any large fat layers as these will cause your heart shape to distort.  Then just cut the remaining pieces and fry along with the main heart shape.  It’s heart shape steak with steak strips. :-)  If you panfry it, fry some potato slices in the remaining fat from the fried steak.  Yum!

Serve with a salad and potato slices.

10. Lovey Dovey Pancakes


You’ll need a plastic squeeze bottle and some pancake batter mix.  Make the pancake batter and place into the plastic squeeze bottle.  In a medium hot nonstick pan make your heart shapes by squeezing the pancake mix onto the pan.  The trick is to make your outlines and letters first.  Once they’re almost cooked you can start filling in your outlines.  This will make the outlines and letters look darker since they cook longer.  Don’t forget, when making letters, the letters should be written as a mirror image since you’ll be flipping the pancake later.

Serve with syrup or honey and ham or bacon.



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